We are overwhelmed by information but can’t access what is important to us. Core fixes the problem by enabling you to capture that which is important to you in themed silos. It’s like a private facebook of core private information which is for your use only. It’s modules are:

Me– a themed journal for recording your thoughts about: goals (friends, family, career), key experiences, lessons learned, decisions, reflections, and planned legacy

House-In this section insert details about your house, insurances (house, life and car) and info about utilities, appliances and the garden. Add photos of the house, garden, insurances and appliances

Contacts-In this section you can set up lists by groups of contacts-e.g you can list all in school classes, sports teams, and business contacts and include the names of their parents, contact details and interests.

Finance-insert details of your earnings and expenditure, store copies of your receipts, investment assets, tax position including revenue and deductions, and set up hyperlinks to Business articles

Sports– set up as many sport modules as you like and then for each sport set up content on lessons, goals and performance records. Attach photos and videos of the lessons

Health-input details about health conditions, medications and vaccination records

Entertainment– You can record: the titles of books you’ve read, films you’ve seen, music you’ve heard and your observations and hyperlink to any reviews of them and link to E Books, music and films. Great for book clubs and film groups.

Collections-This caters for the recording of information on collections such as wine, recipes, passwords and whatever thing you collect. For example, if you try a good wine at a restaurant, make a note of its details, input comments and hyperlink reviews

Travel– You can record an upcoming travel itinerary, or record your travel experiences as you go. It allows for the insertion of information, reviews and photos.

Talking Points-allows for the recording of: speeches heard, stories about yourself/others, how you describe yourself, and arguments about topics.

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