Frequently asked questions

Q- Is the app free of advertisements?

A – Yes. The app has no advertisements

Q-What are the inapp purchases?

A – There are two. They are:
The app consists of 10 themed modules. The first 5 are free. The 2nd 5 modules are locked but can be bought as a single set by a 1 off inapp purchase (US 99 cents)
A synching function which enables the app to be used on multiple devices (e.g iPads and iPhones or Android devices), and all inputted information to be updated and shared on all devices simultaneously upon pushing the Synching button in the Settings page. More details about this are in the Sync App page of this website. The synching function is purchased by an annual fee of US$4.99

Q-How does the synching function work?

A – Please see the Synch App page of this website and the video on this website

Q- What languages is the app in?

A – English, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, French and German. Further languages will be added in upcoming updates.

Q-How do I set the language of the app?

A – The default language is English. If you want to change the language go to the Settings page and select the language of your choice (as per above).

Q-How does the registration and login work.

A – On first downloading, you have to Register by way of providing the details of the pop up prompt. After having registered, thereafter simply login.

Q- How do I operate the app?

A – The app is designed to be very simple to use but comprehensive. Its operation is explained on the bottom of the Home Page of the app, and by way of the video on this website.

Q- What updates are planned?

A – The app is being developed on an ongoing basis. The next update will include further functionality including a voice to text facility.

Q- Do I need WiFi to use the app?

A – No, inputted data which is stored on the device is available without WiFi being available. If you have bought the synching function,please push the synching button when WiFi is restored so that inputted information is updated on the 2nd device

Q- How do I log off?

A – The logoff button is on the Settings page.

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